Monroe With James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt, OBE was born on 15 January 1965, and is an actor and presenter from Northern Ireland. He is most known for playing Adam in Cold Feet. But he has had many major TV roles, including.

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Nesbitt and wife Sonia Forbes-Adam are on good terms and no-one else is involved – the actor had a reputation as a womanising love cheat The Hobbit star James Nesbitt has split. includes series.

So I was thrilled to be asked to present James Nesbitt’s Ireland, an eight-part odyssey around the land of my birth exploring the country’s rich and varied landscape, diverse heritage and warm,

James Nesbitt has described his recent hair transplant as having "changed" his life. The Monroe star had two operations at a Dublin clinic to move healthy hair follicles from the back of his head to.

ITV has axed James Nesbitt’s medical drama Monroe and BBC1 bosses have pulled the plug on spy thriller Hunted. The second series of Monroe will be the last, ITV confirmed yesterday. The hospital drama.

ITV has axed James Nesbitt’s medical drama Monroe. The series will not return for a third run, according to Broadcast. Monroe – which first aired in March 2011 – starred Irish actor Nesbitt as Dr.

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What was it like coming back from playing Bofur in The Hobbit in New Zealand to working on Monroe? I always knew I was coming back in January – Peter Jackson [The Hobbit’s director] had given me that.

The James Nesbitt who walks into this Moroccan-inspired hotel room. Next month, he will return as the eponymous brain surgeon in ITV1’s quick-fire medical drama Monroe. “The very nature of Monroe’s.

In this part of the world, as James Nesbitt finds out, Willie Daly is cupid. According Willie himself in a recent interview, “Matchmaking would be a kind of a magical thing” in Ireland. As he tells.

Walking through the assorted wards and operating theatres, it’s easy to imagine the place could be used to save lives, instead of just being a backdrop for series two of Monroe. And James Nesbitt,

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James Nesbitt is set to star alongside Mr Selfridge actress Frances O’Connor in a new drama series from BBC1, entitled The Missing. The Hobbit, Monroe and Cold Feet actor will play Tony opposite.

James Nesbitt never goes off grid for long and now he’s back playing a blunt, workaholic brain surgeon in ITV1’s Monroe (airing Thursdays at 9pm). Scrubbed up with his clipped salt and pepper hair,

“We’ve got some great cast,” added Bain. James Nesbitt, known for shows ranging from Cold Feet to Murphy’s Law, and last seen in ITV medical drama Monroe, will play Chief Constable Richard Miller,

It’s our last week in the fine company of Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey star James Nesbitt. But before we get all emotional and blubbery, there’s some exploring to be done! In episode eight of James.

James Nesbitt has told of his “fascination” at being allowed to scrub up and watch brain surgery in preparation for his latest role. And the Coleraine actor, who stars in the new ITV medical drama.

James Nesbitt has added a string of starring roles to his CV in recent years: a desperate father in The Missing, a murderous husband in The Secret, a dashing neurosurgeon in Monroe. And, according to.

He’s doing something immensely complex, an operation no other medic would attempt, and Monroe (James Nesbitt) is the patient’s last hope. Against all advice, including that of his boss, Monroe goes.

Having flown back from New Zealand, where he spent the best part of 2011 filming The Hobbit, James Nesbitt returned to the set of St Matthew’s hospital dressed as the charismatic neurosurgeon, Monroe.